Criminal Record Expungement Attorney In Jacksonville Helping You With Your Criminal Record Expungement

We all make poor decisions at one point or another in our lives. The good news is, our firm can help you expunge or seal your criminal record before an assault, battery, petit theft, or disorderly conduct / intoxication charge stops you from living out your dreams.

There are countless other misdemeanor charges such as trespassing and criminal mischief and certain second and third degree felonies like drug trafficking or possession that our firm can help you expunge or seal. If you have specific questions about your situation, take advantage of our firm’s FREE legal evaluation today!

At the Law Offices of Robert Peters, we focus on felony or misdemeanor expungement and sealing adult and juvenile criminal records in Florida, mainly in the cities of Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Gainesville and Tallahassee. We have handled hundreds of cases for college students who attend the following Florida schools:

  • Edward Waters College;
  • Florida Coastal School of Law;
  • Florida State College at Jacksonville;
  • Florida State University (FSU);
  • Florida Technical College;
  • Jacksonville University;
  • Jones College;
  • University of Florida (UF);
  • University of North Florida (UNF);
  • Virginia College; and
  • Several other Northern Florida campuses;


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Sealing & Expungement of Criminal Records in Florida

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Client Testimonials

  • “Robert made me feel so comfortable I instantly knew everything was going to be okay. His staff is excellent. Explained the process to me, I knew what to expect ahead of time. His paralegal was so courteous and helpful..”

    David C.

  • “I would recommend this Law Office to anyone who wants a professional job and lots of personal attention. They were more than happy to answer all of my questions and walked me through the legal process with comfort and ease.”

    Christy H.

Why Robert Peters?

Even though a future employer may not care that you were caught tagging a shuttle at UF or were caught drinking underage at your first college party, these charges will still show that you have a criminal record. That record on a background check can mean the difference between a ‘yes’ and a ‘no’ when applying for a new job. The Law Office of Robert Peters has been helping Jacksonville college hopefuls, new graduates and job seekers avoid having the aftermath of a Florida arrest record ruin their chances at future opportunities.

When you worked hard to earn that freshly framed diploma you don’t want those efforts going to waste when employers see a criminal history on your background check. Let the team at The Law Office of Robert Peters help you find the best ways to improve your shot at landing that first post-graduate job!

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